Photo3Now for those of you who actually know the Electroqueer editor personally, you’ll know that he has what he calls ‘an obsession’ with 80’s teen queen Tiffany.  However, we are quite sure that the Editor’s obession isn’t half as bad as the subjects of a new documentary film about two of Tiffany’s psycho fans.  Here is an excerpt from the documentary’s website:

"I Think We’re Alone Now" is a documentary film about 2 people who
are madly in love with Tiffany, the the 80’s pop icon.  It is a love
story full of longing, hope, and devotion.  Both of these individuals
would be very insulted if you called them "fans", "stalkers" or
"crazy", although unfortunately they get it a lot.

One is Jeff Deane Turner from Santa Cruz, California.  Jeff has
been arrested twice for trying to get too close to Tiffany, and
accused of being a stalker many more times than that. In his cluttered
apartment, Jeff has a giant radionic-pschotronic-telepathic machine
that is specifically tuned to the pop star, that he uses to
communicate with her at a distance.

Kelly "Maverick" McCormick was born into this world as an
intersexed child.  She grew up in southern California but currently
resides in Denver, Colorado.  When she was on the verge of ending her
life, it was the inspiration of Tiffany that saved Kelly. She is
convinced that her and Tiffany are meant to be together although she has not seen her in 14 years.

Both Kelly and Jeff meet up in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada to
attend a Tiffany show at a local night club.  Kelly hopes that Tiffany
will remember her from 14 years ago as she approaches her after the
show.  Jeff keeps quizzing Kelly on Tiffany facts which starts a few
serious fights between them.  What will they both do once they realize
that Tiffany is married to somebody else and has plans to start a
family with him?"

No seriously, we aren’t kidding…To watch the movie trailer, visit the website.