Brightl Light Elton John

We thought that Rod Thomas / Bright Light Bright Light had scored his career superstar collaboration recently when teaming with Scissors Sisters vocalist dame – Ana Matronic, well honey, Rod has trumped another musical joint effort, going right to the megastar heights of pop royalty by landing a duet partner in none other than Elton John!

As we’ve come to know Elton keeps a keen ear to the growth of the new music industry and it’s quite often commonly to be read amongst the music media, acknowledging comments and advice from the legendary pop megastar to current upcoming artists and the likes of.

It was from one such phone call that Elton made to Rod expressing his enjoyment of the Bright Light Bright Light debut album “Let Me Believe In Hope”, that triggered a duet into the making. For at that exact time Rod was working on a track for his upcoming collection of EP’s, and directly after that conversation the imprint of an Elton vocal on the track, came in visitation to Rod.

In the way that destiny strikes to align these occurrences to come together, the idea went on to become an actuality, resulting in a Bright Light Bright Light and Elton John duet “I Wish We Were Leaving”, which now heads up the EP release of the same name.

A song expressing the dynamic of acceptance within close relationships; “I Wish We Were Leaving”, is further explained in the words of Rod Thomas; “sometimes is about accepting your relationship with someone you care about – friends or lovers. Sometimes you end up wishing for more from than they’re able to give – so it’s better to be honest about what your actual relationship is and enjoy it for what it is.

Although not originally envisaged as a duet, on hearing the track it evidently seems that kismet was in play all along and designed it to be so, as the harmony blends betwixt Rod’s and Elton’s vocals are just tremendously in warming cohesion and melodically glorious when projected against the Bright Light Bright Light signature shimmery synth backdrop.