Girl you know it's true!  Ooh Oooh Oooh – I love you!

I have been WAITING for someone to do this – someone with big enough balls to take on Mill Vanilli's classic "Girl You Know It's True".  And how amazingly well does Danish Burhan G do it with his track "Jeg Vil Ha' Dig For Mig Selv" – roughly translated - "I Want You To Myself".

Just take sneaky peak at the video below and I think you'll find that his balls are rather enourmous.  

Not only does he pay proper homage to the original, but he elevates the song to a different level with his lovely vocals and Taio Cruz appeal in a video shot in Londontown.

And all the while – he still manages to get naked with the bitches.  Tis the life.

And for your slightly younger readers who have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about – get schooled here.  Can you tell I've been listening to Danish music today or what?!