Bright Light Bright Light

Rod Thomas has whetted our appetites for his incoming sophomore album “Life Is Easy” with an opening insight of fore-runner EP’s and a plaudited collaboration with Elton John plus upcoming tour dates with the pop legend, in which that alone quite knocked us for six in excitement.

News and the first track reveal to the “Make Me Believe In Hope” follow-up “Life Is Easy” is however, very much off the scale in anticipated readiness for us Bright Light Bright Light fans here at EQ.

The new album draws upon the affects of Rod’s relocating to New York, of how the experience and people there changed his outlook and life. Extending also to form a collection of tracks that are reflectively “about family, friends and lovers and what it is about them you love, hate, miss, remember and keep with you.

Introducing “Life Is Easy” comes via a full synth blitzing of euphorically uplifting melody on lead single “I Believe”.

Bright Light Bright Light is wearing his happy hat grown of renewed optimism and by Rod Thomas’s standards “I Believe” transpires probably as bordering on one of Bright Light Bright Light’s most blissfully pop perky powered releases to date.