We had full intentions of doing a rant post today, but instead we stumbled upon a bright new talent named Sergey Lazarev that hails from Russia.  Having been offered a chance to buy his new CD single for his cover of Johnny Hates Jazz’s classic ‘Shattered Dreams’, we couldn’t help but do a little google search for this young man to see what else he’s been up to.  Here is what we learned…

  • Sergey has a really fun and colourful MySpace page
  • Sergey likes to kiss and is probably quite the cassanova…check out his video to ‘Everytime’.
  • Sergey looks a little bit like Elijah Wood and Breckin Meyer combined.
  • Sergey would like you to buy his CD single for ‘Shattered Dreams’.
  • Sergey is a media nerd…you can download all his videos and a ton of his audio at his website!
  • Sergey has a mix to his song ‘Fake’ which is called ‘The Gay Club Mix’.
  • Sergey is just adorable.

So it is with great pleasure that we present to you a new pop treasure to play with today.  We’ll be watching Sergey quite closely here on EQ – welcome to the fold, young man. 

Here’s his sexy and stylish video to ‘Shattered Dreams’ to get you going…