The Veronicas are back. And while you might think they have gone a bit emo with lyrics telling how they don’t like life and all that bullshit – they have also gone a bit electro, and we love it. This below is then the ‘not as good as Britney’s debut video but still set in a school nevertheless’ themed video.

After watching the video above, you’ll probably have grasped the fact that the video is about girls taking over a stuffy school and making the pupils ‘normal’ in the true sense of the word. It is unoriginal and lacking in more questionably lesbian scenes – but still, without a doubt this video has to get an A by us. But then we are easy markers unlike the bastards that get their kicks by deciding to not give higher grades by mere points.

In more pop marking updates, the song is pretty much an A+, but as we are here to only judge the video there are no extra credit marks on the table. So there you go.