Arabella_2 In a world of evolving musical tastes and hundreds of Britney wannabees, we thought it would be nice to take a break today and introduce you to one of our favourite chillout artists – Arabella Rodriguez.

Arabella Rodriguez is hardly a household name, but most definitely you have heard her work before.  Arabella engineered the groundbreaking sound of the debut album by Soul II Soul and created that oh-so-familiar beat of ‘Back To Life’ and ‘Keep On Movin’.

Recently, Arabella decided to create her own album by collaborating with many of her musician friends and has given birth to the beautiful and dramatic chillout album, ‘Strange Blue Breakfast’.  Notably, our favourite soul singer, Sylvia Powell sings on two of the tracks called ‘Save Me The Sunrise’ and the stunning track ‘Good Guys’.   

"Romeo – where’d you go?, Casanova – come on over…Che Guevara – please be true…King of Hearts I’m coming for you."  This is one of the lyric samplings from ‘Good Guys’ that makes us shiver with excitement. 

‘Strange Blue Breakfast’ is available widely on iTunes UK and USA and from many other download services.  If you only ever buy one chillout album in 2007, please take our advice and buy Arabella’s Strange Blue Breakfast.  Had a stressful day?  Take a break and relax to the chillout sound of Arabella Rodriguez.  Listen to it once a day and repeat as often as needed.

Arabella Rodriguez – Website