by Kevin McIntyre 

Foster the People are a well loved band. In just three short weeks the song "Pumped Up Kicks" has been “loved” over 3,000 times on On, at this very moment they have had 5,702 plays by1,850 listeners.  Which brings me to the point I really wanted to make: their music is infectious and you can’t stop listening.  They personally thank the blogs like EQ who are quick to help spread the word of this band before print mags have been able to touch on them. They would love for you to take the offer of their free download of "Pumped Up Kicks" and turn other people onto it!

They’ve been likened to Mika, The Eels and even Amy McGarrigle of the BBC's ATL Blog has even described them as: “A little Empire of the Sun mixed with Peter, Bjorn and John.” The comparisons, while flattering, don’t quite touch the indie, electro, soul and hip-hop blends that all play into making this fun, summer-convertible driving music.  Mark Foster (keys, guitar, lead vocals); Zach "Reazon" Heiligman (MPC); Mark Pontius (drums) and Cubbie Fink (bass; back-up vocals) all in their 20’s, formed Foster the People in the Fall of 2009.  Between their first show at the Dakota Live Music Lounge (presented by SUPERGOODMUSIC) and two shows at the famed Viper Lounge in L.A. they've earned a fan base who could sing along at the latest performance, which was quite an honor for Mark as he was celebrating his leap-year birthday.

"Pumped Up Kicks" is destined to be the song of the summer and they are giving it away for free over on their official website in exchange for your e-mail address so they can keep you informed of when their EP or full length CD will be available. They are playing three confirmed shows at the huge SXSW Festival with likes of Miike Snow and She Wants Revenge and I imagine they are destined for greatness shortly after as they plan to tour America and Europe.  

I would strongly suggest checking them out now while you can still say you were one of the first! 

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