Hello. I’m Jason Walker.

In light of the recent events in the United States that have opened so many peoples eyes to the problems that gay youth face in school, and instead of blogging about me or my music, I wanted to take this opportunity to use this platform as a tool to get the message out that you can survive bullying and finally come to a place where it’s ok to be who you are.

I know this because I am a survivor, and I’m hoping that maybe by sharing my memories, I can help someone. From the time I was in 4th grade until I received my diploma, I was continuously taunted and bullied in school. I was called things that still to this day make me shutter when I remember them…and I do remember them…like it was yesterday.

But I survived. I was verbally assaulted almost everyday during my school years, and physically assaulted on more than a few occasions. But I survived. When I boarded the bus to go to school, no one would let me sit with them, and I was left to gaze upon everyone laughing at me…horrible memories.

But I survived.

Sometimes I had to run to class in fear of being taunted and chased.

But I survived.

Outside of school was no different…I had gained a reputation as a “fag” often times from people I had never met or seen before.

But I survived.

The day I graduated from high school, as I walked to receive me diploma, someone shouted, “Oh, the faggot is getting his diploma”.

But I survived.

My point is simply this…and so many people have said this over the past month or so…IT GETS BETTER. And it does. Emmerse yourself in things that you love, in my case, it was music. It was my escape, and today I feel like I’m a better, stronger person because of it.

Bullying must be stopped…everything that happens to you as a child during those imprinting and impressionable years does indeed shape who you become…but stay strong, because those experiences do make you stronger.

Trust me, I am living proof of this.

I survived, and It does get better.