Electric youth

by Grant Weir – visit his blogs 
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You know you’re in for some awesome retro-pop when a band names itself after Debbie Gibson’s sassiest hit.  Though Electric Youth have been around since 2008, they remain remarkably unsigned. Consisting of Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick (formerly of hip hop production team Tumblin’ Dice), these self-proclaimed “middle school sweethearts” from the heart of Ontario, Canada, embody the bubblegum fun of 80s electropop, bringing to mind the works of Stacey Q, Nu Shooz (whom they cheekily site as an influence) or even Miss Gibson herself (if she perfected cool). Sample their Myspace page for proof, with tracks like “Replay” and “Faces” coming across as lost 80s hits. Should you be fortunate enough to see them live, they also have a self-titled EP sold exclusively at their live shows.

They’ve kept themselves busy touring over the last couple of years, mainly in Canada and Europe, no doubt provoked by their hit collaboration with French retro-electro lover and tour mate College, on the song “She Never Came Back”.  My recent discovery of them was through the utterly funktastic new album by Grum (already mentioned fondly here), as they feature on one of the album’s standout tracks, “Turn It Up”. This track alone makes them worthy of worship, but the album’s positive reception ensures that greater things are in store for this dynamic duo.

Electric Youth on MySpace