Sir Sly

Photo: Trever Hoehne

Here we lift the lid on the merging of two undercover acts that have lain mysteriously low on the facts surrounding themselves. Although the gen on both maybe misty, their music has spoken out in volumes within the tastemaking world over the past year seeing both alike surging the rankings fuelled purely by their nose to the ground approach of tailoring nothing but quality pop onto online media outlets.

Both L.A. based pop outfits; Sir Sly with their readymade indie-pop outlook sparking a creditable amount of interest for their crisp and penetrating synth inflicted pop noir, self-named as Sly-fi.   Whilst, the production driven team behind Betablock3r align their sparkling remixes to a nu-disco stampede of electrofunk character, imprinting their slinky instinct upon and snaring their subjects into a swirling synthesized dimension.

Sir Sly’s most prominent track to date, the broodingly sonically strewn “Gold” takes on a shiny new perspective as Betablock3r rinses it through their funk-machine, bestowing upon it a lavishing of wavey electro boogie and talk box robo vox-pop.

You see it’s not just Daft Punk out there right of now owning the visor pop, Betablock3r are calling the vox pop shots on this remix and their numerate others. This one for Sir Sly’sGold”  is particularly dreamy and steaming in funk soup hotness.