Having recently registered interest in the upcoming indie pop band of Ecstasy via feature of their very good lead track “Exhale”, we have opportunity to delve into their pristine pop ways once more, as the Hertford / London spawned band unveil an accompanying cut from their soon to be released debut EP.

The indie pop makers bring us a melody measured of tropical twinkling synth rhythms and sunny side up vocal harmonies on “FRNDS 4LYF”.

FRNDS 4LYF” being one that pulls weight as a beach party anthem, so maybe the current sun pots of the world like OZ might like to adopt this as they switch on their Xmas barbecues. For the rest of us facing the prospect of an artic grip settling in, we can just close our eyes and sip on an imaginary totally tropical fruit cup and transport ourselves into the sun by power of the dream wave groove.

In this track, Ecstasy have sent us to the sun and to be honest with you I’d rather be listening to their sunshine glistening synth work than sleigh bells.

All sounds to me as though this is shaping up to be a refreshingly indie pop glitzy EP.