George Lamond

Welcome to our regular Freestyle Fridays feature here on EQ Music. Last week we announced that we’d be honouring the dance music genre that is set to make it’s sonic comeback within popular music by way of weekly Friday posts. With Jordin Sparks and Jessie And The Toy Boys already ahead of the game by releasing freestyle tracks in way of “S.O.S.” and “Valentine” respectively and Parralox planning the official release of seminal freestyle classic “Silent Morning” by Noel next month, 2013 is really starting to sound like an exciting year in pop music for those of us that have held freestyle music in high regard as one of the earliest forms of EDM. After all, freestyle music had a longer run in popular music culture than disco! And we all know how cyclical pop music is.

Having said that, no Freestyle music feature would be complete without paying homage to one of the greatest freestyle music legends around – and his name is George Lamond.

George Lamond was one of the most influential freestyle artists in the early 90s who has worked with Columbia Records, Sony International and Tommy Boy Records. His massive album “Bad Of The Heart” is considered one of the most important records in freestyle music history spawning such influential singles such “Without You”, “Look Into My Eyes” and the larger-than-life title track.

In 2008, George Lamond even covered “Don’t Stop Believin” which later was brought back into the commercial spotlight by Glee. With George Lamond’s smouldering voice, Puerto Rican heritage and soulful voice, it was clear as to why he was so successful in his time. Today George Lamond still performs to sold-out arena shows and freestyle music festivals to hoards of nostalgic fans that worship the freestyle genre. A genre whose songs have yet to be covered, sampled or emulated…however that will be changing soon.

If you like your pop music fresh, you’ll love how hot George Lamond and his album “Bad Of The Heart” still sounds today. Tracks like “Stop That Girl”, “Who Needs Love” and “Serenade You” are just as good as the single choices and it’s an album guaranteed to give you a healthy dose of audio sensory joy.

Bad of the Heart - George Lamond“Bad Of The Heart” now on iTunes now and make sure check out George Lamond’s music videos “Bad Of The Heart”, “Look Into My Eyes” and “Without You” and try not to feel the sheer passion of his music.

If you need a modern-day interpretation of someone who is bringing the same passion and Puerto Rican flair back into popular freestyle music, look no further than the gorgeous and talented up-and-coming Latin star Monti Montanez.