Parade Brighton 2

By Mandy Rogers

A veritable explosion of girl band pop anyone?

Parade have been toeing around on the cusp of the big time to a certain degree for a good year or so, possibly over shadowed by The Saturdays a little but, that’s not to infer that Parade’s achievements thus far, have been anything less than encouraging.

Since concluding a tour support session with The Wanted earlier this year, Parade have further tightened up their tune making by enlisting some of the industries finest production talents to help their sophomore album glow just that little bit more special.

As Sian, Jessica, Emily, Lauren, Bianca and their production teams tweak and perfect their forthcoming long player, the almost famous five unveil a jaunty teaser of the album by dropping a hot one in “Light Me Up” and in doing so, challenge the sometimes overall twee girl band formulated pop compositions that rule the airwaves by slotting in a booming depth charge of dubstep wobble into the essentially superb dance pop banger.

Parade are back and they are stirring up the girl pop formula to the next degree, unlock and pop the FREE DOWNLOAD of “Light Me Up” on your play list by visiting HERE and while your at it file it under “pop stomperingly exciting”!