By Javi  - EQ's resident pop culture blogger

The 80's stylish, electro-pop maniacs boys and girl from Hyper Crush keep doing great with their pussy-popping, contagious beats – "WERK ME" – the title of their new song from their upcomming album "Night Wave".

"WERK ME" has less than 48 hours on the web and it already has 6K+ plays – OBVIOUSLY a song a club CAN'T miss – Explicit, contagious and everything you need in a song to get sleazy. 

And yes – as good as this song is, Hyper Crush is already working on "Werk Me" Music video.

Like them?  Get to know more of Hyper Crush on their official site loaded with FREE downloads. - Nothing else to say but – WERK IT, GUYZ.

Werk Me by Hyper Crush