You may remember that we featured Koonian not to long ago as an EQ Discovery.  Well, the hipster has finished his debut album and is giving it away for FREE over on his website and you can grab it right now.

I have to say, "A Spaceboy Lost" is the most quirky thing you'll listen to in awhile.  It's definitely not going to be everyone's "cup of tea" but I myself am enjoying it thoroughly.  Overall, the album is a clever play on fitting in, alienation and those overwhelming feelings of "being lost" on planet Earth.  My favorite track on the album is a little diddy called "Ten Little Rabbits" which is pretty amazing lyrically, you just have to listen.  I also like the very catchy and whimsical "La Dramatique" – tre fun!

The bottom line with Koonian – he's an experimental artist, he's massively left-field, but for those of you who appreciate music that's a little bit different and genre-busting, I think you'll really enjoy "A Spaceboy Lost".  Koonian is somewhat reminscent of MaJiKer if you need a comparitive and if you're feeling "daring" today – check Koonian out.  I guaranteed you'll say "wow this is weird – but I like it."

We like weird.