I couldn’t resist that headline – sorry!

Thanks to the cheeky Frankmusik for sending us a little shout out video – it most certainly brightened up our day.  BTW – I need the number of those two massuers too…

And speaking of Frankmusik…I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the footage that will arise on YouTube when Vince hits the road in September and October with the one and only Erasure in promotion of their new album “Tomorrows World” – that, can I just tell you, is one of my most anticipated new albums for this year along with Frankmusik’s new album “Do It In The AM” which will be hitting digital outlets in September. 

The pairing of Erasure and Frankmusik together certainly is news that get’s me all kinds of excited.  I just have one request boys – please come and do a one-off show together in Londontown.  It only makes sense!