Blake Adam 3

We took to emerging newcomer Blake Adam’s initial pop introduction of “If Love Were A Game” from the soon to be released “Blake Explains It AllEP with a level of warranted high praise as it showcased the burgeoning singer to be an intuitive artist with a flair for performance already embedded in his pop savvy presence.

As the build up to release date draws near, Blake deploys another of the EP’s tracks “Flight Risk”.

Taking on pure pop at full throttle “Flight Risk” exudes fun with a glittery conviction and a resounding abundance of buzzing maverick spirit from the pounding bassline up to the vivaciously peppy soaring melody.

In “Flight Risk”, Blake Adam provides a dizzying pop juncture with the onus on high jinks and a plucky dynamic. It’s totally the kind of song to drop down too on your playlist when in need of a perky pick me up – and shhhhh, to throw caution in reliving the moment with a spot of crazy ass dancing (not twerking!) much as when the big kid that still lives within fights it’s way through our adult personas to briefly cut loose spontaneously every now and again.