Oh solitude

One of EQs faves is back!

Long time readers of EQ know that I love love love the music of RebekkaMaria.  Except this time, she's dropped the "As In" and has been crafting a whole new sound for her sophomore album which follows up the ground-breaking electronic debut of "Queen Of France".

Click here to watch her first performance of new single "Oh Solitude" over at The Submarine Sessions.

RebekkaMaria had this to say about her upcoming,as-yet-untitled new album and why she dropped the "As In" from her name…

"The first album went of in just one tangent so to speak. It didn’t represent me as a complete artist, which is one of the reasons why I erased the prefix “As In”. That is also why the coming album is much more personal and containing a greater depth than “Queen of France". When I am writing music I need silence and solitude. While being alone and away from the city noise, I get in touch with sides of myself that I am not use to in my daily life. For me nature makes a whole other kind of noise."

Discover RebekkaMaria for yourself and download "Oh Solitude" right here, right now.