As we enter into another calendar month we know what we have waiting to ease us in with appropriate electro stirrings don’t we! it’s another new track from emerging synth pop band Strangers.

Unveiling the 4th FREE DOWNLOAD in a series of 6 (& to be available shortly via their website), the band leap out from their darkwave exterior to exercise a comprehensively danceable 3 and a half minutes of rousing synth pop beset with a universally epic chorus of infectious oh, oh, oh’s and whoah, whoah, whoah’s.

I can tell you now that this free offering of “Fires” is going to sit just comfortably beside my newest playlist acquisitions from both Chvrches and Fenech-Soler, as it delivers a similar presence.

A placing that I feel is evermore becoming a real potential actuality for Strangers given the growth, strength and calibre that has resonated from this collection of bracingly driven electronica