Laurel 1

We bring you a new name entering into the vast sphere of popular music, belonging to that of an ethereally poised young songstress named Laurel.

Laurel is brought to our attention, following a noticeable reception to her on-line demo track of a few months ago, titled “Blue Blood”.

So what’s all the fussin’ with regard to Laurel then?

Well there are a few things that elevate Laurel’s worthiness as an exciting pop debutant, and not least the clarity of vocal delivery that solicits a seductive magnetism. Laurel also possesses the creative strengths behind current highlighted work “Fire Breather” as songwriter and producer – and she’s still only a teen.

Aforementioned, “Fire Breather” is a track of some creditable notoriety, putting into play a provocative pop edge imparted through a balance of brooding ambience that falls some way into the current hype-o-sphere of female leads such as Lorde, VV Brown, Charlotte OC, and London Grammar’s Hannah Reid.

Melancholy entwines with a strong bleating percussion element to secure a beguiling alternative pop presence taking on similar attributes to that of Lorde’s stratospheric debut “Royals” and V V Brown’s lead-in of gripping sound transformation through “Samson and Delilah”.

With “Fire Breather” added to her repertoire of haunting visionary pop creations Laurel is well on her way to becoming a blogosphere favourite, and a potentially strong emerging pop player through the next 12 months.

Collect up and enjoy the full cinematic affect of “Fire Breather” through the FREE DOWNLOAD gifted from the Soundcloud.