My favourite new band Filthy Dukes looks set to release their next single "Messages" in July which features the vocals of that ever-so-popular Tommy Sparks.  After listening to their album "Nonsense In The Dark" I completely fell in love with the electronic pop group who always manages to captivate me whenever the album comes up on le random.  

You know when you listen to a song on an album and you go "damn, that has to be the next single!".  Well this was the case with "Messages".  It's SO singleworthy.  I can't wait for the remix package to hit my greedy little hands.  It's the sort of uplifting song that this summer needs.  A new "Song 4 Mutya" if you will.

Filthy Dukes sent me some images from the upcoming video too.  Looks like some mental patients start to bust shapes and rug cut to the 90s-esque electronic anthem in between their meds.  Cuh-razy.

Anyways, the whole point is this.  
If you aren't a fan of Filthy Dukes – then you should be.