You know, Pete Burns stint on reality TV may have been entertaining and at sometimes dreadful, but let's face it – he belongs in music.  As one of the pioneers of 80s new wave and electronica, Pete Burns is truly a legend.  And with that said, it's time for a comeback.

I have the pleasure of letting you all in on something exciting that Pete has been working on.  He's teamed up with sexy electro band The Dirty Disco on two new brilliant electro-pop tracks called "The Art" and "Don't Marry An Icon".  He even turned down an opportunity to work with The Scissor Sisters to get these tracks done – they're that good.

You can listen to a clip of "The Art" right now over on The Dirty Disco's MySpace page – go check it out, it's pretty cosmical – and that's putting it mildly.  Expect the track to ignite London's dirty electro and sexy pop club nights.  EQ will be spinning it – that's a given.

So drag out your old Dead Or Alive records EQs and celebrate the return of Pete Burns, arm in arm with The Dirty Disco.  HOT.