LauraTesoroPhoto by: Wim Van De Genachte (VRT)

At Eurovision this year, there is no shortage of dance infused pop to get you out of your seat and shake what your momma gave you. For Belgian entrant Laura Tesoro, there is no pressure to bring you out of your seat but, if you want to want to feel that booty shaking vibe you can check out her song ‘What’s The Pressure’?

Like many of her fellow Eurovision contestants, Laura Tesoro is no stranger to the competition stage. In 2014, the 19 year old appeared on The Voice van Vlaanderen (The Voice Belgium) ultimately placing 2nd in the final. Later that year her debut single ‘Outta Here’ peaked at 23 on the Flemish singles charts. Yet, before that the Belgian public knew what kind of talent she was made of. As an actress she stared in the crime drama Witse (2008) and Famille (from 2012 to 2014) among a few musicals in her portfolio. We’ll have to see how that resume translates over into the Eurovision stage. No pressure right?

I’ll tell you what the pressure is… trying to keep still once ‘What’s The Pressure’ hits your ears. The nostalgic disco-kissed dance track with clean pop vocals will be difficult for the Swedish crowd not to take notice. A funky bass and classic horns drive a melody that hasn’t had anything that sounds close to it released in 40 years. Get ready to lose all control! Along with the single, Laura Tesoro has released quite the poppy video. A little bit of shiny wardrobe and a focus on all the choreography brings the listener and the viewer quite the immersive experience into what Laura Tesoro really wants you feel. Nothing but FUN!  If this is a sign of what is to come out of this young pop talent, expect the Eurovision stage to be set ablaze!

On 12 May, Laura Tesoro takes the Eurovision stage for the first time. Will she be able to stand up to the pressure?