So finally, the big 5 came through this year! After many a year of disappointing entries, it became evident. This was the year of pure pop for the infamous group. It was a rough one to really pick a favorite. In the end, out of the big 5 the real pop banger for me was Spain’s entry ‘Say Yay!’ by Barei.

Barei took a very classic approach to Eurovision this year and she did not require theatrics to uplift her already amazing song. I was reminded of how Motown approach a song by her performance. Throughout Barei’s performance, she just shined, and I’m not talking about that golden/bronze coloured jersey she wore. (I have a pair of trainers that look exactly like that… Style points for Barei!). By keeping it simple and letting her own free style take over, you were immersed into the positive energy she projected so radiantly on stage.

With such a classic 70’s dance inspired hit, ‘Say Yay!’ still wasn’t even enough to crack the top 20 for the Spanish songstress. Though, if she keeps churning out uplifting pop anthems we won’t lose sight of Barei any time soon.