There are so many words of wisdom out there. When you listen, everything you ever wanted will ring true. For example, when you want it done, you have to do it yourself. If first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. Most important of all, never give up on your dreams. For Moldovan entrant Lidia Isac, after three prior attempts to represent her country as part of the duo Glam Girls, this year she has entered the Eurovision race by going solo with her latest “Falling Stars.”

This song is quite the trickster in it’s overall vibe. When the vocals enter, the melody seems so piano ballad-like that you wonder if you’ve entered a real dark track. Then, the chorus hits…enter le club beats.  The melody really brings up the immersive quality of the track to the point where you feel the positivity she had regarding the relationship she just came out of.  The vibe is perfect for the broken soul. By leaning on those good memories, it allows a feeling of healing to pick up over the track. With a classic euro-club sound, I wouldn’t be too shocked to see “Falling Stars” pick up in the dance charts once the European audiences catch on.  It’s completely dance floor ready. Though, we all know the song is only one part of the Eurovision recipe for success. It’s how they present the song that matters most.

Using a very simple concept in front of a photograph ready backdrop, Lidia Isac allows the song to speak for itself. The only down side is the video’s simplicity, she doesn’t take too much advantage to dance to the club ready love song. I want to see some dancing! If I’m moving this much to the song, I’d hope the artist would too! For her to really stand out, there is going to need to be a great stage presence in Stockholm. She could be holding out to surprise us in May.  We’ll just have to wait till then.

Will Lidia Isac blow up like a supernova or will she become another one of Eurovision falling stars. Stay tuned for Lidia Isac to take the stage during the first semi-final on 10 May.