100% honest. When I first heard "Zombie" by Natalia Kills about a month ago – I wasn't blown away.  But I've just been reminded of it again and second time round, I'm finding that it's got something.  Maybe it's the Kanye West style of the song or the fact that Natalia is signed to Cherry Tree Records (let's face it, everyone they work with are genius) and sings on Space Cowboy's new album – but regardless, it's kinda cool in the not-so-obvious, not-so-in-yer-face way.  

I kinda felt the same way about the movie "Magnolia".  First time I watched it – hated it.  But then I watched it again – I kinda "got it".  Same can be said for this track "Zombie" by Natalia Kills.

I am more curious to hear what girlfriend has up her sleeve for an album or even a forthcoming set of tracks, but let this serve an introduction to Natalia Kills with hopes that she will bring it on in the months to come…

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Download "Zombie" on Natalia Kills - Zombie - Single.