by Raj Rudolph

So picture this…I literally arrive home to my brand new flat in Barcelona and turn on the telly and who is gracing my screen the first time I turn the thing on? It's only Jamie Scott of Graffiti 6. Being the Graffiti 6 megafan that I am, I was freaking out obviously.

So why the big fuss? Well take Jamie Scott's swoonful and soulful voice and put him on a dance record and well, hey, you got a winner there. It looks like the majors are really trying to align Jamie with some interesting and emerging projects in the world of EDM and that can only mean even better things for Graffiti 6 and Jamie's career one hopes. In my humble opinion, this guy deserves to be way more famous than Olly Murs is at the moment. His amazing songwriting, voice and pop star image is what makes anything he lends his talents to just uber superb.

All you hardcore EQ readers are gonna like "You Can't Stop The Beat" I think…

You Can't Stop the Beat (feat. Jamie Scott of Graffiti6) - Single - Wally Lopez