By Jordan Meehan

Attention internet!! A great and wonderful thing has happened! We have a new song and video from Natalia Kills! And boy what a fantastic song it is. I've been a big fan of Natalia Kills since Mirrors came out and have been following her rather closely ever since. Her debut album Perfectionist was an eccentric piece of dark pop, but wasn't quite the dance pop album you would expect from a pop diva, so I have always wondered how she would sound on a pure dance track. Well, boys and girls, that day has finally come!

Her new song You Can't Get In My Head (If You Don't Get In My Bed), a collaboration with DJ Tatana, is an amazing dance/house track who proves my hypothesis that Natalia would sound fantastic on a dance track. I love being right about these things. The video, which just premiered yesterday, is sexy, suggestive and has the dark flair that Natalia has become known for. And in true Natalia Kills fashion, it even has a fatality (the poor, unfortunate teddy bear…)! The video isn't as extravagant as her videos for Wonderland and Kill My Boyfriend, but in all honesty it doesn't need to be. The intimate and stripped down feel of the video compliments the song perfectly and is most certainly a worthy follow up to her previous videos.

Watch You Can't Get In My Head (If You Don't Get In My Bed) here: