By Mandy Rogers

So this is different, a young Swede who isn’t surrounded by
synths! Amazing how did that happen! I’ve been beginning to think that the
Swedish come born with a keyboard attached to their fingers, or at least
strapped upon their cradles.

Moa Lignell forms part of the alumni of the 2011 series of
Swedish Idol, infact she scored in, at 3rd place, and well what I
have learnt upon watching the video to Moa’s new single “Whatever They Do
(since my online transcription of Swedish is not so fab) is not only is she
young, cute and beautiful she’s prone to a bad hair day too or at the least
hair with a will of it’s own.

We are talking serious arachnid hair here – WHOA!

We shall not let the “do” detract from the tune, of
flavoursome quirky pop flair. It’s very much cool to hear that the Swedes can
also churn out something uplifting and happiness inducing that isn’t
necessarily trapped in the electronic bleep, bleat, bop that we so readily