By Mandy Rogers

It’s been a short time since we last heard from Wolfette, but that doesn’t make us any less hungry to snare some new tunes off of her. 

Whilst we all hit the beach this Summer, Wolfette bunkered down in her studio den with her pen, band of musicians and mixing desk to make sure we wouldn’t be starved of a punchy electro rocking tune to see us through the Winter.

As well as packing in the power pop, Wolfette broke open her feisty angst upon a fiery one titled “Trophy Girl” an all out shout-out of female empowerment, and good on her too!  The she-wolf tunefully snarls holding no prisoners! Smarting her melodious venom at a controlling figure and her rightful disapproval as being seen as a pretty trinket of bling.  To be honest, but rightfully so, she’s quite revved up and spitting feathers about it, so much so that she’s impressively carrying them upon her shoulders.