I totally missed out watching Eurovision live this year because, well there were more important things to be doing like seeing Sia live in concert…and, I finally just got around to watching it on-demand.  Eurovision is mostly just a silly affair really for me, but I do enjoy watching it every year.  This year was no different at all – but there was one standout act to me who didn't get the recognition I thought she deserved and her name is Hera Björk.

Basically she's big, bad and beautiful and she's got a set of lungs on her that are bigger than her home country in Iceland – not even the volcano could keep this woman down.  I loved her performance of "Je Ne Sais Quoi" and I just found the whole thing amazingly uplifting.  Hera Björk darling, you've become my new superheroine and I'm just utterly mesmerized by you.

Check out the official video to "Je Ne Sais Quoi" below – it's absolutely amazing.