Sun City

By Mandy Rogers

Whist we have a stream of music submissions and tips come into the site every week for us to sift through, I still absolutely love to steal some time in web exploration for new talent discoveries of my own when I can.

Latest to pique my interest is an Australian electro indie-pop duo from Perth calling themselves, Sun City.  Since their inception at the beginning of last year, the duo of Daniel Mackay and Tobias John have proved that they are everything good in production work, remixing and at mastering the balance of what makes fantastic, dynamically stirring indie pop that’s instantly memorable, whilst being dance audience aware. I would boldly go so far as to say, levelled on a stage of excellence on par with Strange Talk in my opinion.

Lead single “The Follower” from freshly released EP “Set Alight” is an absolute delight from synth arrangement to vocal delivery. An electronic gem waiting to be discovered.

Join with me and discover it!

Set Alight - EP - Sun City