Kid Kasio

By Mandy Rogers

Waving the flag of retro pop, quirky pop maestro Kid Kasio
returns with his own mini “Now That’s What I Call (80’s) Music” compilation all
rolled inspirationally into his new track release “Telephone Line”.

Making an appearance from the electronic decade there’s more
than a passing gesture to Animotion, Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, and the Thompson
and I’m sure you’ll find more 80’s favorites tumbled in there, with every

Kid Kasio drinks from the cup of sunshine pop and he’s
offering out a glug of it in his vintage technology steeped video. To be honest
I’m really retro freaking over the Bakerlite telephone in the video, that and
the giant slinky that is passed off as a telephone wire.

Telephone Line - Kasiotone