Jasmine Ash

By Mandy Rogers / Photo: N. Hazard – M. Rasmussen

I have to say when it comes to pure quirky pop making, I don’t see quite a rush of it coming in from America, it’s kind of at most, a more eccentrically British / Swedish or of Australian origin moreover. I do adore it though; when a new wonky pop pioneer, shows himself or herself. Especially when it’s from somewhere where I’d least expect it to be growing from.

Pop darling Jasmine Ash who comes by way of Oregon and Los Angeles is a sweet surprise, who has bounces of bountiful eclectic appeal that is on track to win us over.

Not only is Jasmine's latest release “Starlight” a jar and a half full of candy pop perfectionary that glistens with mellowness and dreamy coated whimsical vocals but it comes with a fantastical colourful explosion of a video that sees Jasmine transported through an animated wonderland of cute creatures, headlined by a cast of a show stealing chorus line of Pink Flamingos who bring a taste of Moulin Rouge glamour into the dream pop bubble of imagination.

To be honest this song and video is just too cute for any more words. Just watch it!