by Raj Rudolph

What can I say about Parralox that I haven't said already? They really are the epidomy of everything that The Human League, Erasure, Depeche Mode and Madonna stood for in their hayday. "Sharper Than A Knife" has to be one of my top ten singles of the year as it's a breath of fresh air in a pop world cluttered with the likes of too many EDM tracks with dubstep breakdowns. 

However, it's this quote from fellow Parralox fan that really sums up how I feel about them. I couldn't come up with these better words myself. 

"I am just absolutely stupified by Parralox's uncanny, strong sense of narrative and how it achieves cohesion and unity with their modernistic style of design! Parralox nails it with perfection and finesse!"

And the video itself? Amazing. I think it paints the band in a new fun light that's whimsical and clever. Yeah they are serious and mysterious, ultra chic, but it's fun to see this side of their personalities too. I'm not the only one raving about it either, check out what Digital Spy and Popjustice had to say about "Sharper Than A Knife".

Sharper Than a Knife - Parralox