By Mandy Rogers

It seriously seems like every urban pop act out there wants to jump on the Cruz / Derulo sound.  Whilst I like those two artists very much, a streak of originality goes a long way to keep me tuned in. So when something jumps up on the radar that twists that up a bit, count me open and interested, otherwise my response is just likely to be a resounding humpppffff and bin!

Lastest to pique my interest and breakout from the mould are new brother and sister duo SD-Jem, who are currently on tour and creating a buzz with Mz swagger muffin Cher LloydShanel and Denis Jemal stir up the grind by introducing in elements of ravey dubstep that when mixed in with the urban groove form a palatable skewed up urban pop buzz track, that has the power of difference and more to the point, pop likeability behind it to allow it to rightly shine above the slew of Cruz / Derulo impersonators.

Pre-order “Roll With Me” by SD-Jem