by Raj Rudolph

Poptronik Festival artist Cazwell has unveiled his brand new video to "Rice And Beans" which pays homage to all things Latin, Spanish and Mexican – and when we say Latin, Spanish and Mexican – we mean boys.

Some are saying this video is a continuation of "Ice Cream Truck" and you know what – who cares, it's HOT. Cazwell knows when he has a winning recipe in his cookbook and he knows that most readers of this blog post will eat the shit up. 

Anyone got seconds. Yes please sir, can I have some more.

Don't forget that Cazwell will be serving up his "Rice And Beans" for dinner as well as his "Ice Cream Truck" for dessert at the Poptronik Festival this year in Spain. Tickets are onsale now through Ticketmaster Spain and

Don't miss this electronic pop bonanza under the Spanish sun with the likes of EQ faves Andy Bell of Erasure, Soraya, Fernando Garibay, Monarchy, Martika, Garcon Garcon, Bright Light Bright Light, Kazaky, Adam Tyler and Monti Montanez of Menudo.