Along with the Nelly Furtado Greatest Hits CD that will be coming out this Christmas, we are also being treated to a Greatest Hits package by the fabulous P!nk called “Greatest Hits…So Far!”  The lead single from this new collection of P!nk tracks is “Raise Your Glass” which sees the rebel yeller commanding the “too school for cool” army of geeks and freaks.  The video, I must say, surprisingly put a big smile on my face and yet I was strangely weirded out by the “milking” scene – but I think weird is what P!nk was going for here quite honestly.  P!nk, my love – I raise my glass in salute to you and your rather brilliant pop music and I look forward to buying your greatest hits package and reliving all your pop anthems and tragedies all over again.

P!nk’s “Greatest Hits…So Far!” is released on November 15th.