The momentum doesn’t stop with I Blame Coco.

Having wow’d us with her first two singles “Caesar” ft. Robyn and “Self Machine”, the smoky-voiced songstress returns with her third single “Quicker” which is a very strong lead-in to her debut album “The Constant” – slated to drop on October 4th.  Having passed my three good single rule, I now cannot wait to get I Blame Coco’s album, because judging from the singles, this body of work sounds like it’s going to be a sonic trip into the pop fantastic.

I Blame Coco may not have top forty singles nor a huge marketing machine behind her, but she remains one of my favorite new artists to watch out for.  I am really excited to hear “The Constant” now…it’s in my “most anticipated” list of album releases.

“Quicker” is released on September 27th.