By Mandy Rogers

Please do NOT adjust your vision controls! EQTV is about to bring you something that is more brighter than bright, more bouncier than an, in-season Easter bunny and more crackers than a case full of Jacobs savoury after dessert biscuits!

Like Bill and Ted before them, we are headed on a most excellent “Power Happy” adventure. Our tour operators today, are Con Bro Chill, and our tour guides  CON (Connor Martin – pro lacrosse player and lead goofball) BRO (Samm – like – Connor’s Brother – like  DOH!) and CHILL (Ty Boy – “Party Animal” with Mudfoot Steve “Sweet Face Paint”) – nice!

It’s time to unleash the big kid within in you  – as the Con Bro Chill community play bus has parked up in EQTV and is ready to board all willing kidadults on an intensive dayglo course of outdoor pursuits, fashioned in neon zoot suits & tye-dye jumpsuits.

Yes this one is unreservedly bonkers!  But bizarrely struck a chord with us, winning merit for its memorable homage to OK GO’s treadmill routine, which CBC zing up on their trampettes. Leaving one to only conclude that as the video trailers into its final moments, CBC are not actually attempting to crack a nut open but are willingly attempting to knock some sense into proceedings! Why on earth else would you do, what they do at this point in the video! Seriously!

To cap it all off, we were bedazzled by the super snappy “Power Happy” tunesmiths for bringing us an exuberant arrangement that makes out to our ears like Aussie band Midnight Oil sneaking a firecracker down Jake Shears leather skinnies!

Con Bro ChillCBC = CBBC for Adults possibly!  ultimately = Shiny, happy, CRAZY, people! But we liked it – strangely!