By Mandy Rogers

Oh what a talent Andreas Moe is!

The young Swede floored me so, back in the summer with his
first twinkly offering “Collecting Sunlight”. 
It is definitely not hard to see why Andreas has been choice vocalist
upon Avicii’s “Fade To Darkness” and has the cream of the dance world lining up
to work with him. Andreas’s softly lilting vocals possess an uplifting quality
that shine whether given the full pop energised accompaniments or out there on
their own, as in new track “+1”.  

Andreas croons his way to inclusion on the soundtrack of
upcoming film “The Knot”, with a gooey ballad 
+1”. Well as much as I’m enjoying the song, as it is so eloquently and
precision performed and lovely.  I can’t
say I’m keen with the look of the apple pie themed chick flick itself; it does
look a bit syrupy although, it is supposed to be a rom-com packed with humour.  Well I just hope there are some real bridezilla
moments in there, if not I’ll just have to suffice with filling up on Sky plusing
the amazingness that is “Don’t Tell The Bride”.