Paper Crows

By Mandy Rogers

Paper Crows are the summation of perfect pop alchemists in
my eye.  I have been in rapture with
Emma Panas enchanting vocals from the moment I first heard some promo from this
band a good 2 years ago. Together with backing from Duncan McDougall and his
also brilliant composition structures, that stretch beyond the confines of pop, bringing a sprightly alternative view point whilst, effortlessly combining a
sonic platter of so many electronic elements and genres. I can safely say that
there isn’t one track from the Paper Crows, which I haven’t genuinely
completely loved.  If you wish to fall
in love with a band that truly embodies creativity away from the saccharine
pack. Then look no further than the Paper Crows.

In lead up to release of the bands
debut LP, the eclectic tunesmiths deliver a striking composition of
otherworldly presence. “Pieces Of Yourself” is keenly representative of the
Paper Crows haunting melodies that form the backbone to their signature sound.
The sonic ambience, the delicate presentation of vocal tuning and the sense of
exquisitely uplifting spirituality that cuts through the alternative pop ether
with inspirational flourish.  

Alongside release of the video, the duo also furnish their
Facebook fans with a FREE download of the “Grey Skies EP”, featuring the
aforementioned “Pieces Of Yourself”; new tracks “Frozen”, “Our Moments Alive
& “Queen Of Light” – which remain in keeping with the buzzing alternative
synth pop resonance and instilled ethereal flavour.  Together with a new arrangement of “Changing Colours” from their
previous debut the “Build EP”, bonus tracks from their unsigned era in “Gone
from the “When Friends Survive EP” and their triumphant cover of Kate Bush’s
Cloudbusting” that spearheaded their online debut.

A brief selection of the tracks from the EP are streaming
below. To listen to the “Grey Skies EP” in its entirety and download your copy
for FREE:  click here.