By Mandy Rogers

From his forward thinking precision picking of choice electronic elements, sought out through a spectrum of genres, evolvng into an exciting electronic patchwork of styles and genres all of his own making and onset by co-writing / producing Example’s 2010 hit “Kick Starts”. Pretty much hold in confirmation that, Sub Focus has risen to be a key player in ground breaking electronic notability.

As he pulls out the debut track “Out Of The Blue” from his forthcoming sophomore album, there is no let up in his winning streak of creativity, as he produces a polished cohesion of dance electronica twinned with Alice Gold’s delightfully glowing indie folk pop rasp culminating in a breed of dance cross-over, jungle strobe which aside from it’s innovatiness is surely poised to be up there as a serious contender for one of the coveted slots of this years summer anthems.

Who say’s water and electric should not be mixed together? Well normally of course, we wouldn’t advise it, it would be a rather unwise thing to do! However, the accompanying water baby themed video that sits alongside this release is a stunning insight into a serene submersive world of watery induced karma and doesn’t distract from the high grade dance floor ready bpm.