By Mandy Rogers

Ignited by the buzz of interest from taster tracks “Empty Love Song” and “Burden”  Finish duo Zebra and Snake go for the strike in debut single “Money In Heaven”.

The pairing have brought into focus their eccentrically combined influences of Fleetwood Mac, Krautrock and ambient electronics bringing about a sound of their own, terming it in their forthcoming debut album title – simply as “Healing Music”.

As the debut single demonstrates all the above elements in its structure, it also culminates into a strident slice of stirring indie pop, rattling and shaking up the senses by it’s bold approach, infectious hooks and it’s irresistible whammy of toe tapping textures.

What better way to absorb this abundance of creativity in, than by snagging a FREE Remix of it by Helsinki 78 82.  One that is a serving of dance charged vitality and verve.

Whilst on the video, we are invited to peek in on the old worldy peasant lifestyle, so basically it’s a vague step back to the feel of Men Without Hats, although Zebra and Snake do wear hats and cloaks too. How dandy!