MaJiKer - Tongue

Yesterday saw the premiere of the new MaJiKer video for "Tongue" on (brilliant all-round music website) and it's been causing a bit of stir due to it's brilliantly shot, yet kinda pervy videography.  Personally I think the video is absolutely amazing and you should give it a whirl below.

I caught up with MaJiKer and asked him about the video and he had this to say about it:

"The director of the Tongue video is Raphaël Neal who came up with the
whole concept himself. It is partly inspired by the 1960's film
'Peeping Tom' directed by Michael Powell. This film was enormously
controversial at the time, and virtually ruined Powell's career, but
many years later it started to be appreciated and now has a cult
following and is considered an excellent, disturbing thriller.

For my video, I trusted Raphaël's vision totally, and although I can't
speak on his behalf, I do have my own interpretation of the story we
are telling.

For me it's about seduction – not necessarily sexual, and certainly not
romantic, but it's about encouraging others to express themselves
freely and to be uninhibited and unreserved. However, the actual
outcome of this transformation can be more exciting and also more
disturbing than you first imagined… but somehow you can't help but
stare transfixed as you witness your fantasies and your fears being
acted out in front of your eyes.  I wanna know what is on your tongue…"