Matrix and Futurebound

By Mandy Rogers

Taking Drum ‘n’ Bass to the masses at a palatable dance
level, step in Matrix and Futurebound. To the Drum 'n' Bass initiated just a
whiff of their name scores instant recognition for their pioneering work within
this genre, but for those not so familiar with their crafted sonically
landscaped masterpieces, they are definitely hanging at the top end of the

The duo turn to in demand and on the rise London rapper Baby
to seal their euphoric Drum ‘n’ Bass masterpiece with a fresh faced flick
of vocal velocity that rings out with the quality performance of a star of the

Sincerely “Magnetic Eyes” is one of those tracks that
adheres to it’s title, it draws you in with its irresistibly attractive dance
hooks and pumped bass lines, but topped with those captivatingly buzzing vocals
it just wins extra stars of glowing approval.

You should quite expect Baby Blue to break out with further
acclaim through 2013, when this top draw dance track, hit’s the circuits and
airwaves through the old and new year transition. And Matrix and Futurebound
can just revel in another floor filling stellar production.

Totally immense in my opinion.

Magnetic Eyes (feat. Baby Blue) - EP - Matrix & Futurebound