Don Diablo

By Mandy Rogers

Over the course of this year I have found myself writing
most heavily leaning upon emerging new talents from Sweden.

The abundance of highly talented acts has never slowed of
pace and because of this it’s quite the tough call to single out individuals as
outright favourites.

However, the endearing charm of one such individual has really
struck a chord with me and that is of our former EQ Discovery artist Noonie

From her un-phased manner and humble presence, Noonie Bao is
an absolute unassuming find, but by golly is this youngster incredibly focused
and exquisitely skilful with it!

Her debut album “I Am Noonie Bao” see’s regular rotation on
my playlist and it’s nothing but 10 tracks of sublime über magic that gee’s up
my inspiration if it fits and falters a quick minute.

I don’t even have to peer into my crystal ball of prediction
to forecast a rosy New Year for Noonie.

The youthful Swede is taking collaborative strides out there
to get her wonderfully eclectic sound, bound for the radios and clubs of

Doing it on the Oranje side, Noonie partners up with Dutch
DJ / Production master Don Diablo on his latest single release “M1 Stinger”.
Noonie’s perfect delivery of the song does everything to play up to the wall of
sound that has been amassed by the track’s co-writer Sting.  Nonetheless it retains the allurement of eclectic
radiance and Don’s cut and thrusting beats take a casual break in favour of
minimally sparse and gliding shimmer.

I'm a little unattached to the story reasoning behind this video, although gotta admit that Don's feathered friend here is kinda Sesame Street cute.

As aforementioned, aside from this project Noonie is already
on the hot-tip of another as vocalist with Avicii and Nicky Romero on “I Can Be
The One
” – score the preview here.

 My cup overflows with nothing but acclaim for Noonie Bao and
even though these collaborations are of a slightly different shade, they do not
in any way diminish my high regard for own her creative flair. 

I Am Noonie Bao” available through:

I Am Noonie Bao - Noonie Bao