The Face

By Mandy Rogers /  Photo: Federic Aranda

We knew them previously as Pandering And The Goldiggers and they threw us such glamtastic disco-pop funk marvels as “Disco Bloodbath” and “Oops Do You Love Me”, but last Summer they cast aside the Pandering name and took on the new moniker of The Face.

For their first outing as the newly christened The Face, the trio have teamed up with Dream Beats a new Swedish dance pop production / song writing threesome, who between them have worked with Kate Ryan, Alcazar, Army Of Lovers, BWO, and Christina Aguilera. Im-press-ive!

The fruits of their labour, comes in the form of a fully pumped disco inferno of a sensuous euro pop nature and they are calling it “Love Stuck”.  Overall it sounds a bit like Alphabeat, and also a bit like Steps. Comparisons aside, it’s quite euro toe tappingly good.

So they shed their name, have teamed up with a crack production outfit, what could be next step of the makeover for the style savvy glamour kittens?  Could there be a clue in the accompanying video? As the fashionistas get friendly with their music kit, the other kit involved gets stripped off, leaving the trio as nature intended, in the buff.

Now I’m surmising that this behaviour, is all for signifying a fresh start, but there again I might be going too deep on this. Probably they might just like to get nekkid!