By Mandy Rogers

Ahead of imminent release of their debut album “The Hills
Kazaky deliver a surprise.

The heels are off for “Last Night”!  The dance choreography is banished on this
one, and in its place we have the firmness of agility and a complete creative
package the likes we have never seen from Kazaky before. Needless to say it’s
all very tastefully turned out in the fleshzone and cripes there’s lady folk in
there too, smouldering and embracing the tones of universal love, that the
theme of “Last Night” gives off.

Gone is the typified dance vibe too, “Last Night” is
extremely sensuous in comparison to Kazaky’s previous offerings, but don’t in
anyway think that they have sold out, they haven’t, this is an emotive art form
whichever angle you listen or view it from. The view is rather aesthetically
lovely and the sound is luxuriatingly passionate.